Underneath The Colours LP


Ships on: July 19, 2024

In 1981 INXS released its second album, Underneath the Colours. It was with this album that Michael Hutchence’s songwriting started to mature and the band started to find a unique sound. It was released outside Australia and New Zealand in 1984, as the band were gaining momentum in their success. Kirk Pengilly said of the album, “It was very difficult for us. We’d toured the first album and then we had to come up with a follow-up. We weren’t really prepared for it and I think the album suffered a bit because of that. The cover is an uncredited linocut by British artist Cyril Power titled Underneath The Colours.


A1. Stay Young
A2. Horizons
A3. Big Go Go
A4. Underneath The Colours
A5. Fair Weather Ahead
B1. Night Of Rebellion
B2. Follow
B3. Barbarian
B4. What Would You Do
B5. Just To Learn Again